A Recommendation to the Knox County Election Commission on behalf of ALL Knox Countians

Knox County’s Primary Election Early Voting has concluded (April 11-26, 2018) and the Election Day is Tuesday May 1, 2018. This is a recommendation to the Knox County Election Commission, Chair Christopher Heagerty, Cassandra McGee Stuart, Bob Bowman, Cameron Brooks and Hannah Hopper. Along with a copy to Administrator of Elections Cliff Rodgers and Deputy Administrator Chris Davis.

On April 11 had you been in the vicinity of the Downtown West Early Voting site, there were hundreds of signs every dang where, a candidate was blaring a campaign jingle as if it were a tailgate party. Thankfully, Mr. Rodgers arrived on April 12 and persuasively convinced candidates to reduce the number of signs and convinced the candidate with a camper and blaring the jingle to stop playing the jingle and by the third day of early voting the camper was removed.

This is MY recommendation to the Knox County Election Commission. Pass a rule that all candidates be limited to ONE normal sized sign at each early voting location. (NOT a 2 x 4, a 4×4, a 4×8) BUT a NORMAL sign at each early voting location for every election beginning with the County General, State and Federal Primary on August 2, 2018 (Early Voting July 13-28, 2018)

Thank YOU for improving the election process.

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