Lamar! Is Out in 2020

Today a political earthquake hit TN when United States Senator Lamar Alexander announced that he would not be a candidate for re-election in 2020.

As Senator Alexander began his campaign for the Senate in late 2001, early 2002. He visited Knox County and visited the Fifth District School Board District, where I served as the School Board Member at the time. He called and together he and I visited schools in the district, he always engaged with faculty, students and parents during those numerous visits. In my opinion, Public Education will be his legacy, he also championed fighting to reduce bureaucratic red tape. His legacy will be hard to replace. I appreciate his statesmanship of and for the people of TN.

TN Governor Elect Bill Lee said, “Sen. Lamar Alexander has faithfully served Tennesseans at the state and federal level for decades. A seventh-generation Tennessean and principled conservative, our state benefited from his thoughtful leadership. I am thankful for Lamar’s friendship and wish him the best.”

TN Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden said, “Senator Alexander has been the definition of a statesman throughout his life of service to our nation and state. His work at all levels of government has made the lives of Tennesseans and Americans better. He represented Tennessee as Governor and Senator for more combined years than anyone else in our state’s history, and we owe him a debt of gratitude. His leadership will be missed, and we wish him and Honey our best.

Who is the Successor of Lamar?

Obviously TN Governor Bill Haslam who will leave the State Governors mansion in less than a month has to be considered a front runner. Other names from East TN will be Congressman John  J. Duncan, Jr., Former Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, Former Congressman Zach Wamp, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs,

Names from Middle Tennessee former Congressman Diane Black, Former Speaker of the TN House Beth Harwell, a longshot is Congressman Elect Dr. Mark Green and from West Tenneseee Former Congressman Stephen Fincer and TN Eye Doctor Dr. Rolondo Toyos, Former Shelby County Trustee David Lenoir.

United States Senator Lamar Alexander speaking and introduced the GREATEST Congressman in America.

United States Senator Lamar Alexander speaking and introduced the GREATEST Congressman in America.



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    Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs is primed to run