The Time is Now..

I bought two copies of the News-Sentinel yesterday. Why? For evidence. Because I overheard that Jack McElroy had printed the orange ballot and the white ballot as part of the Community section. He printed it not as a information piece. He printed the ballot so that readers could get 30 signatures on the orange and 30 signatures on the white and submit them as part of the 40,000, This is proof that McElroy has moved beyond Editor to political boss wannabe.

He and his Associate Editor David Keim violate journalistic ethics by sitting as a panelist on WBIR’s Inside Tennessee where they handicap political races and then they go back to the Sentinel and conduct candidate interviews and endorse candidates. Just review the tivo and see what they said about each race after the endorsements and after the election.

This printing of the orange and white ballots has crossed a line. It has expressly violated the E.W. Scripps Ethics policy on political activity. In addition, McElroy has now made the Sentinel a $7,500 contributor to Knox Accountability. A financial contributor to a political cause. He has now made the Sentinel the major collector of petition signors. Here is the E.W. Scripps Ethics policy of political activity. Thanks to Number9 for posting this on my friend, Terry Frank’s blog.

If you have any issue with the link. I have posted it below. The bottom line is that the Time is Now and Now you have to call 888-397-4911 to file a complaint on McElroy’s political activity .

Here is the link to the ethics policy.

From the E.W. Scripps Ethics Policy:

“The Company remains independent in all political matters and will not make monetary contributions, directly or indirectly, to political campaigns or causes, or to political parties. Moreover, its officers will not make such contributions acting on behalf of the Company. Rare exceptions may be made to this prohibition, but then only if permitted by law and approved by the President of the Company.

Although the Company is independent in all political matters, employees are encouraged to register to vote, with party affiliations, and to vote. Employees may pursue their own personal political activities, but may not, either inadvertently or intentionally, represent their personal views or contributions to be those of the Company. Employees must avoid any suggestion that their relationship with the Company constitutes an endorsement of any kind.

Journalists and others working in newsrooms must abide by a more restrictive standard, given the disinterested neutrality from which news organizations must work. They must not serve in elected or politically appointed positions. They must not participate in political fund-raising, political organizing, nor other activities designed to enhance a candidate, a political party or a political-interest organization. They must not make contributions of record to political campaigns nor engage in other such activity that might associate an employee’s name with a political candidate or a political cause.”

How many violations of the Scripps Ethics Policy will Editor McElroy violate by actively participating in collecting signatures for KCP? At least five violations. This is the problem with Elitists. Rules and policies do not apply to them. At least in their minds.

If you find this to be an egregious violation of the public trust you may directly contact the E. W. Scripps company at 1-888-397-4911. This number will be answered only by the Ethical Program Director who will insure the matter is investigated, and that appropriate confidentiality is maintained.

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10 Responses

  1. Elaine says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    You should give credit where credit is due. This discussion did not begin with Terry Frank’s show. This discussion began on Lloyd Daughtery’s show The Voice. They were the first to give out the phone number and Kelvin came up with the $7500 figure. Maybe you missed the show but I heard the whole thing. You should give proper credit. They even have a link on their website.

  2. Elaine: Thank you for your comment. I have been unable to hear Lloyd’s show this week, due to working between the hours of 10 a.m. – 12 noon.

    I also refrain from going to their website, because in the past I have been accused of posting messages that I never posted. So, I made it a policy over a year ago not to even log onto the web address.

  3. Elaine says:

    Mr. Hornback…I’m a little confused. I looked at the entry on Terry’s blog and there was no mention of the $7500 value of the ads but I did hear Kelvin come up with that figure. Its ok for you to admit you listen to that show. Matter of fact I’ve heard you on it a couple of times.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did you see where McElroy challenges Number9 and then runs away? What a coward.

    I’d like to see McElroy debate Number9. Think he has the guts? What about it Jack?

  5. Elaine:

    I did not say that I NEVER listen to the show. I said that I didn’t hear it yesterday. I have called in before as I do listen when I am at my office working and have a minute. I was no where yesterday where I could listen.

    I will tell you as I did earlier, I NEVER go to their website.

  6. Anonymous:

    I have not seen McElroy’s post. I will check it out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    #9 put Jack in his place. I called the number. I felt much better. McElroy has messed up our paper to the point I cannot read it. A friend sent me an email and that is the only reason I knew what happened. But what did Hartman know? If he approved this he should apologize. But McElroy has to go.

  8. Elaine:

    Lee and Terry Frank first talked about this issue on their show on AM 850 on Monday.

    Mike Mitchell called into their show yesterday and metioned the $7,500 value.

    We should all be about the same thing here. Exposing McElroy for his ethical breach. Not worrying about who gets credit or who doesn’t get credit. I cited Lee and Terry because someone posted a comment that directed me to Terry’s blog.

    Thanks again.