How Diverse is Knox County Commission in it’s Voting for Community Representation?

Tonight the Knox County Commission had a position to appoint on the Air Pollution Control Board. It had to be a citizen that was NOT an employee of the county or city.


Last week, they put out a press release and I posted here because only one person had applied. So, by the time of tonight’s meeting they had one African-American male Mr. Johnson. A white male Mr. Sharp (who at one time worked for Knox County) and a white female Ms. Liddington that just retired from Knox County Air Quality. With little debate and no questioning all three were nominated, on the first vote is was 4 votes for Sharp, 4 votes for Liddington and 2 for Johnson. So the one lone private citizen was eliminated and it proceeded to a vote between Sharp and Liddington. Sharp obtained the appointment by a vote of 6-4. The Commissioner that nominated Mr. Johnson did NOT vote for Mr. Johnson, odd.

Commissioner Evelyn Gill was absent, I understand she was out of town and had a death in the family, which is understandable. Watch the entire discussion and vote on the Air Pollution Board vote, below.

Knox County Commission 8/26/2019

Knox County Commission 8/26/2019

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