Channara Tom Pheap May Have Influenced a City’s Future

What moved Indya Kincannon over Marshall Stair in a tight second place finish in the Mayoral Primary race? What pushed Amelia Parker from a tight race with Bob Thomas for second to first place in a the City Council at Large Seat C?

Kincannon now faces Eddie Mannis for Mayor in November 7, 2019 and Amy Midis must try and best Parker.

Channara Tom Pheap

Channara Tom Pheap

IN MY OPINION, the difference was 33 year old Channara Tom Pheap. The young man who lost his life on election eve in an encounter with KPD along Merchants Drive. The incident is currently under investigation by the Knox County Sheriffs Office.

More to come, BUT Knoxville Voters were motivated yesterday to turn out and vote based on that incident, IN MY OPINION.


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  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    The $1.5 million spent by City Council on artwork instead of body cams for Knoxville Police is what doomed Marshall Stair. That and his vote for Recode. The general election is about Recode and KPD.