Are Commissioners Beeler, Dailey,Jay and Schoonmaker the “he man woman haters club” of Commission?

At the August 19, 2016 Commission workshop, the two ladies Evelyn Gill and Vice Chair Michele Carringer informed Commission they had family commitments to be out of town when Chairman Nystrom announced they must reorganize on September 3, 2019 by Commission rule.

Of course, Commissioners can always suspend the rules and meet another day. Fast forward one week, August 26, 2019 Commissioner Randy Smith made a motion to suspend the rules to meet another day, Commissioner Gill was already absent to bury a family member. It takes 8 of the 11 Commissioners to vote to suspend the rules, only 6 of the 10 present wanted the ladies present.

The following four voted NO knowing the ladies had plans with family. Commissioner Richie Beeler, Carson Dailey, Larsen Jay and John Schoonmaker. We already know about Jay’s thoughts on Gill from when he wanted to kick her off the Education Committee earlier this year.

There is no diversity when it’s all middle to elderly white guys.


Watch the portion of the meeting below.


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