Breaking News: Seven Council Members and the Mayor Appear Anti Gun, BUT What About KPD Swapping Guns?

Seven Knoxville City Council Members have agreed to support Gwen McKenzie’s Resolution asking Mayor Madeline Rogero to ban gun shows at City owned facilities, primarily Chilhowee Park.

BUT, KPD (Knoxville Police Department) has a solicitation to swap guns. They got some they wanna get rid of and are willing to swap to get what they want. Is that right?



Now in the event, this solicitation is removed from the City of Knoxville website, I have all 12 pages of the solicitation screenshot for my own records and for you the readers of #TheMegaBullhornofTruth


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1 Response

  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    This will cost the city over a million dollars in court. Council and the Mayor understand neither the first amendment nor the second amendment. Gwen McKenzie broke the law on the notice ordinance on Recode. Then broke the Sunshine Law to approve it.

    Oust her and the others.