My Advice To Roger Clemens

As I watched the news reports of the Congressman Dan Burton vent on Roger Clemens today, I was provoked to offer advice to Roger and Debbie Clemens.

Roger Clemens should respond to the Committee with the following statement. “You are a Member of Congress. You and your colleagues have lied to the American people over and over again. You can investigate me about taking steroids with or without my knowledge, while the American people pay $3 a gallon for gasoline.” “Senator Charles Grassley can launch a witchhunt on ministers and you people do nothing to help the American people.”

That is the Brian’s Blog vent and advice to Roger Clemens. We know return to our regular postings.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree. They have the chineese selling us harmful garbage being constantly recalled. The arab nations buying all our financial interests and the middle east in major turmoil. Meanwhile, over at the Freaking Crackheads Commishion aka the FCC they are still pondering the freaking XM-Sirius deal. Oh yeah, and we are worried about Roger and drugs. I am more worried about the illegal drugs smuggled into America then Roger doing alleged roids. Hey you really want to investigate baseball..Investigate why the F when I am at yankee stadium I gotta pay $6.00 for a freaking hot dog while my tax dollars are funding a new stadium so Rudy can get box seats with his ex mistress now current wife. Oh were the heck is that investigation.Investigate why we pay Alex Rodriguez $25 mill a year but yet our tax dollars go towards new stadiums. Corporate welfare at it’s worse. Somewhere in Louden County tommorrow morning a school bell will ring and there are 3 classes with three different teachers talking over each other in one room cause the county can’t afford to build another school. Yet here in good ol USA we will spend millions to see if Roger shoved a pointy object up his butt…sad crazy but true!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate to agree with you (I really, really do) but I do. Given the seriousness of the multiple issues facing this country and Baseball Steriod use is way, way down on the list.
    However I will quibble with you over Grassely’s “witchhunt.” I think the questions he’s trying to get answered are quite legitimate. I recommend you read Hank Hanegraff’s Christianity in Crisis. The entire “Prosperity Gospel” is sham and $$making racket. Having said that tho, I still say there are more important things that congress needs to be working on.


  3. Logan says:

    And what makes it worse Dannyc, is that the time they are accusing him of doing HGH or steriods, THEY WEREN’T EVEN ILLEGAL IN BASEBALL! Yet, Congress pony’s up the biggest name they can get, the greatest pitcher of the modern era so they can look good on TV. Where are the interviews with FP Santangelo, Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettite, etc etc??? Why were they not streamed online or over sports talk radio? Because they are not hall of famers with household names. This is a complete and utter joke. Yet, somewhere, Barry Bonds is laughing hysterically…