Knox County’s Participation in the State and Federal Primaries on August 6

Knox County’s participation in the United States Senate race in Tennessee was interesting. Dr. Manny Sethi garnered 22,206 votes or 47.73% of the vote to Bill Hagerty‘s 20,511 or 44.09% to Dr. George Flinn‘s 1,534 or 3.30% and the rest of the crowded field after that. However, Bill Hagerty won the Republican Primary statewide with 330,938 or 50.76% to Sethi’s 256,775 or 39.39% of the vote.

myself, Ambassador Hagerty and Ragsdale

myself, Ambassador Hagerty and Mike Ragsdale

On the Democrat side in Knox County it was James Mackler with 8,566 or 31.95% to Marquita Bradshaw with 8,414 or 31.39% to Robin Kimbrough 6,818 or 25.43% to Mark Pickrell 1,655 or 6.17% to Gary G. Davis 1,354 or 5.05%. However, statewide it was Bradshaw 117,282 or 35.51% to Kimbrough 87,827 or 26.59% to Mackler 78,507 or 23.77% to Davis 30,678 or 9.29% to Pickrell 16,011 or 4.84%.

TN State Senate District Six, Democrat Dr. Jane George bested Sam Brown with 7,738 votes or 63.88% to 4,375 or 36.12% Republican State Senator Becky Duncan Massey unopposed in the Republican Primary with 19,723 votes. On November 3, it is Massey -vs- George.

TN State House

District 13, Republican Elaine Davis unopposed in the Primary garnered 4,062 votes and Representative Gloria Johnson unopposed in the primary garnered 5,001, Now on to Davis -vs- Johnson on November 3.

District 14, Republican Jason Zachary unopposed in the Primary received 9,027 votes and Democrat Justin Davis also unopposed received 3,649 votes. Now onto Zachary -vs- Davis on November 3.

District 15, Democrat State Rep. Rick Staples lost with getting only 1,094 votes. However, only 23 votes separate former Knox County Commissioner Sam McKenzie to newcomer Matthew Park. McKenzie, husband to City Councilwoman Gwen McKenzie with 2,023 votes to Park’s 2,000. There are provisional ballots to be reviewed and potentially counted. I am personally hoping Park has about 24 provisionals.

District 16, Republicans Patti Bounds and Michele Carringer faced off with County Commissioner Carringer getting 4,650 votes or 58.18% to School Board Member Bounds 3,342 or 41.82%. Bounds still has two years on her current school board term. I expect Bounds to be very involved in education issues in Nashville next legislative session advocating for public education. Now it is Carringer -vs- Elizabeth Rowland on November 3, Rowland garnered 2,508 votes in the Democrat primary.

District 18, Gina Oster‘s opponent received 99 more votes in the Republican primary, then Oster 3, 466 for Oster’s opponent or 50.72% to Oster’s 3,367 or 49.28%. However, Democrat Virginia Couch got more votes than either Oster or her opponent individually with 3,874 votes. Now it is Oster’s opponent -vs- Couch on November 3. How about a Couch endorsement by Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon. I feel certain former Knoxville City Councilman and my friend Marshall Stair will be a Couch supporter.

District 19, David Wright unopposed in the Republican Primary and on November 3 gained 6,656 votes. If only 10 more people had voted for Wright, LOL I mean what would be more telling in COVID 2020 than the mark of the beast in the thousands

District 89, Justin Lafferty unopposed in the Republican Primary, but must face Independent Greg Mills on November 3. Lafferty received 6,662 votes. If only 4 more people voted LOL. I mean what would be more telling in COVID 2020 than the mark of the beast in the thousands




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