Did Ray Jenkins Lie, Mislead or Forget?

In the latest Georgiana Vines column from the Big Metal Shed on the Hill found here. She details some transition of Law Director Elect Bud Armstrong. I found this from County Republican Party Chairman Ray H. Jenkins interesting “Jenkins and Armstrong are good friends although both say they did not socialize from July until after the election so Jenkins could appear impartial as GOP chairman.”

You see the problem is that on the Saturday night before election day the TCU (Tennessee Conservaaative Union’s Annual Reagan Day Dinner) was held at Knoxville’s Crowne Plaza. Jenkins was dining at the table of Bud Armstrong. I asked Jenkins via Shock And Awe comments if this were an endorsement. He said that he was invited by Mike Prince to dine at a table paid for by Former Republican Party Chair Sue Methvin. He said he didn’t know that Bud Armstrong would be at the table.

Now Jenkins has since deleeted his response from the Shock And Awe blog page. But I have the email from blogger where the comment was sent to me to be moderated. So was Jenkins lying to Georgiana Vines, misleading her or did he forget the other story he said about socializing from July to after the election with Armstrong? Come on Ray, the truth is in you somewhere.

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1 Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doesn't his comment to Vines also imply that he may not have been impartial BEFORE July?