What Was McElroy Thinking Yesterday?

As you know, I don’t typically read or look at the product by the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. I look at knoxnews.com and just last week discovered the E-dition for my ipad. So, when I saw the actual front page and saw only the butt end of a firetruck. I thought that’s weird. But then I looked and the opening of Dollywood only got a little picture of Dolly Parton.

Do What? Let’s see, Dollywood invested over $20 million dollars to continue accelerating the economy of East Tennessee with the first ever roller coaster type ever in North America. The Wild Eagle brought in roller coaster enthusiast from all over the globe. Two major roller coaster bloggers were here with hundreds of other enthusiasts bloggers, newspaper and magazine writers and the best McElroy can do, is post pictures on knoxnews and all the print edition gets is the butt end of a fire truck.

Shame, Jack! Shame!

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1 Response

  1. McMinn Slim says:

    What was Burchette thinking in connection with his new finance director? Bank shut down the log home business, could be some funds are missing for projects being built/completed, Burchette know him since college, hell, he was in the same fraternity as Burchette, in my opinion not a good hire, this will be John Werner round 2.

    Where is the News-Sentinel to vent this hire, what a mess.