Knox County Campaign Watch 2008

The following candidates have appointed Treasurer’s in anticipation of being candidates for the positions listed. Brian’s Blog will update the list as often as possible and necessary.


Sheriff James R. Jones (R)

Knox County Clerk

Billy G. Tindell (D)
Foster D. Arnett, Jr. (R)

Knox County Law Director

Law Director John E. Owings (R)

Register of Deeds

Regsiter of Deeds Sherry Witt (R)
Scott Emge (D)

Property Assessor

Phil Ballard (R)


Fred Sisk (R)

County Commission 1-A

County Commission 2-B

Charles D. “Chuck” Bolus (R)
Bruce White (R)
Amy Brolyes (D)

County Commission 4-A

Ruthie Kuhlman (R)
Walter Wojnar (R)

County Commission 4-B

Ed Shouse (R)

County Commission 5-C

County Commission 6-A

Matthew N. Jones (R)
Sharon Cawood (D)

County Commission 8-B

Jack E. Huddleston (R)
Gailen G. Porter (R)
Tom Pressley (D)

County Commission 9-B

School Board

District 2

Indya Kincannon
Robert B. Gratz

District 3

District 5

District 8

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1 Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is your opinion and do you know much about the candidates for the 8th district? I am not too crazy about the HUddleston guy since he seems to be part of all of that under the table, back room stuff. What do you think?