Mannis is a Republican? Really? Ask the Republican House Caucus and MAYBE Rep. Cepicky

Many people said that Eddie Mannis was a Republican. Mannis identified as a Republican, by submitting a Republican Qualifying Petition.

Some Democrats that I know in District 18 have admitted to me they voted for Mannis, in the Republican Primary and the General Election cause they knew him and he had done their laundry.

The Republican State Executive Committee before the Primary voted to exclude Mannis from the Republican ballot.  However, Tim Burchett, Glenn Jacobs and Senator Dr. Richard Briggs vouched for Mannis alleged Republican credentials and the State Republican Chairman left Mannis on the ballot. That is the current procedure.

Now enter the first month of the legislature and Mannis is going against one of the core Republican Party principles, a Majority of the Republican House Caucus and Rep. Scott Cepicky.

Here’s the letter Mannis sent to a House Committee. I will (when I have a few minutes, type it out) but for now the image will have to do.


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