Mayor Jacobs Appoints Former Controversial Solid Waste Director to Regional Planning Board

On the agenda that has been released to the media, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jabobs is appointing former Controversial Solid Waste Director Tom Salter to the Regional Solid Waste Planning Board.

Salter who retired from Knox County is the one that according to a source, testified in depositions that he had a voodoo doll of Knox County Commissioner Victoria DeFreese hanging from a noose in his Solid Waste Directors Office. In depositions Salter could not recall if he stuck needles in the doll.

I am also told that in depositions, Salter admitted to sending vulgar emails and made it appear the emails were from a private citizen, who Salter subsequently paid a considerable amount of money in damages too.

I am also told in depositions it was revealed that he tested compost that was made with human sewage, mixed with green waste that were found to have 1,000 times the limit, that was sold to the public and Salter  did not warn the public and subsequently told Knox County Commission that everything had passed. 

What is Jacobs thinking? It smells like a lot of 💩




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  1. Frank says:

    Mike Ragsdale is the real Mayor. This proves it.