So Is Prince In/Out on Dooley Case?

The week started out well, breaking the news of Sheriff Tom Spangler and his department suing the Merit Council and his employee Martha Dooley, if you missed it, here it is.

Numerous sources have since indicated that Knox County Law Director has informed the Knox County Sheriff’s Office that outside counsel Gary Prince is not going to be paid out of the law department anymore, assumedly on the Dooley case. The rumor is that the Prince bill is currently between $33-35,000. Remember, a previous case he worked on cost $13,750, here.

I have requested correspondence related to the Dooley case and Prince. Law Director says none exist to my question. I didn’t just flat out ask Buuck about whether he instructed KCSO that law department was cutting Prince off or not. Maybe the full time media will do that.

Prince with a Court Reporter to his left before Merit Council

Prince with a Court Reporter to his left before a Merit Council

So, the thought is if KCSO keeps Prince on the case, he could be paid out of the KCSO budget.

Would KCSO be required to get County Commission’s approval? I know a previous Sheriff that got Commission approval, first.

Would KCSO hire Prince as a part time legal counsel, like the three full time ones they have now of Ruble, Bryant and Nichols?

Could they sell some pallets and scrap metal? (that was a joke)

I am sure with Sheriff Tom Spangler’s transparency pledge, we will get the answer. I will send an email and ask.

Anyway, that is all speculation and rumor I am willing to dish now. If any of its inaccurate, I will correct it. There is no malicious intent here. Just wanting you to know how your tax dollars are spent.

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