Knox County Parks & Recreation Changes with Little Notice

So, Dwight Van de Vate (one third of former Knox County Mayor Chief of Staff Bryan Hair workload) informed the Knox County Commission at last Friday’s retreat that the next Director for Knox County Parks & Recreation is one of two finalists. Apparently two men, not from around here.

So, yesterday I get a call that says Chuck James had not been at work for three weeks and his office has been cleaned out. So, I asked the Mayors Office of James status, lo and behold after 30 years the Knox County Mayor’s Office informs me (and now you) that James retired.

The caller suggested that a “rumor” is circulating that an investigation may have caused the departure. I asked about any “rumored” investigation at Parks and Recreation that might have led to the retirement/departure. The response was that “it’s an ongoing investigation so we can not speak to it.”

In addition, I have received the salaries of all full time Parks and Recreation employees as of January 1, 2021. That will be in a Followup story.

For full disclosure, I met Chuck James in 2002 when he ran and was elected to the Knox County School Board from District Six. I was at the time the elected School Board Member for District Five. We served together with seven other elected board members for two years. I left the board in 2004, James continued to serve through 2006. Terms are staggered on the School Board.

While I served as Knox County Republican Party Chairman, 2005-2007, James ran as the Republican candidate for Knox County Commission for District 6 in 2006.

We remained friends for several years. But as our kids got older, we lost touch with one another and with me being a blogger and he a county employee, I am sure and do not blame any of them for not wanting to be close pals.

Anyway…..I will continue to follow Parks and Recreation. I appreciate the tips from and for folks who are readers or are at least aware of #TheMegaBullhornofTruth


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