What Happened at Loudon County Commission Last Week?

The Loudon County, TN Commission met on Monday night for the May 2021 meeting and on youtube there are four videos with a total of 322 seconds of the activity, instead of the entire meeting. That is less than six minutes. Loudon County Commission normally meet for 30 minutes to an hour.

Loudon County Commission meeting 2/1/2021 (file photo)

Loudon County Commission meeting 2/1/2021 (file photo)

Video 1, here or below

Video 2, here or below

Video 3 here or below

Video 4 here or below – this 1 minute 6 second video is interesting with Commissioner Litteton-brewster disputing something said. She said a vote to abstain is a no vote, an abstaining vote is failure to take a stand, but I digress.




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