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This morning, I posted about the answer to my question about this afternoon’s Commission Chairman’s Briefing. You the readers acted and at 3 pm the 4th Chairman’s briefing was televised, just as the 2nd and 3rd ones were televised.

Chairman Larsen Jay and I traded texts back and forth and I sent him the links to two of the past three and I covered the first one on PILOT’s and TIF’s here on October 5, 2020. Then there was the second one in early December 2020 on Transportation, here. The third one on Finance here in early February 2021. Now the one today on Planning and Engineering and Public Works.

Jay did the right thing in having this one televised without Governor Bill Lee’s Emergency Order. I hope Jay (as long as he is Chairman) will continue the live streaming anytime a group of Commissioners gather to hear about our government.


Chairman Jay at the 4th Commission Chairman’s Briefing 6/7/2021


Jim Snowden of Engineering and Public Works to the left and Jeff Welch of Knox Planning to the right


Amy Brooks Executive Director of Knox Planning



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