There is a Path Forward for Whitehead and Herrera

Knox County Property Assessor John Whitehead and Knox County Republican Party Chairman Daniel Herrera met yesterday around lunch time. There is a path forward.

Herrera has pledged to work with everyone in the party and Whitehead has assured Herrera that he will continue to work with the party and the Chairman.

My own opinion is if Herrera had only added the word “just” into his one liner, “this is not JUST your Grandfathers Party anymore” it all coulda been avoided. Words mean things, but I am a blogger, Whitehead is an outstanding Property Assessor and Herrera is an Attorney and Party Chairman.

Herrera was accompanied by the First Vice Chair Elaine Davis and the former Chairman Randy Pace at the meeting.

Of course Matt Shears and the Democrats didn’t pass up an opportunity on social media yesterday to take a stab at the incident and issue.

from the KnoxDems Facebook page

from the KnoxDems Facebook page

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  1. Frank says:

    Ronald Reagan had the wisdom to know the biggest tent wins. Peace has been made. Let’s get back to work.