Litton Wins SBC President Position

Ed Litton won the Presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention this evening. Besting Pastor Mike Stone in a run-off election. Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr. and Randy Adams finished third and fourth on the first ballot. There are more than 15,000 Messengers present in Nashville, TN for this Convention. Over 13,000 ballots were cast on the second ballot for President.


One of the issues the “Conservatives” were fighting for was CRT (Critical Race Theory). Dr. James Merritt Chaired the Committee on Resolutions. His response to an attempted amendment was classic, watch it here or below. I may very well be using this portions of this quote for times to come. J.D. Greear served well as President the last term.


Ed Litton, SBC President

Ed Litton, SBC President



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