Mark Cawood – Is the truth in him? Part II

The Knoxville News-Sentinel has a follow-up story in today’s paper. “Cawood: No hanky-panky for job”.

Matt Lakin is a good reporter. (Kind of odd for Brian’s Blog to credit a reporter as good, especially one employed by E.W. Scripps. I hope that we are not getting Matt in trouble, by acknowledging the obvious.) However, Matt Lakin didn’t ask Mark Cawood why he said on Friday that he hadn’t talked about a job before the Wednesday January 31, 2007 Commission meeting and the Sheriff’s statement is that Cawood was hired him two weeks ago. Cawood has and is not telling the truth.

Matt Lakin didn’t follow-up on Cawood voting for his wife’s new county job at the Commission meetings in December of 2006, less than 45 days ago and now with her Appointed County Commission job. Sharon is a double dipper. Something the Cawood’s talked about the Republican Choice for the Sixth District. But now it is the Cawood residence that is triple dipping the taxpayers of Knox County. (Sharon as a Supervisor at Juvenile Court Clerk, County Commissioner and Baliff Mark “I can’t tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God” Cawood.

Commissioner Greg Lambert said on WBIR over the weekend that he and Mark Cawood examined every applicant and selected the most qualified female, Democrat (Evidently, there is a litmus test for the Sixth district. Female, Democrat. Is race a factor as well?) Mark’s fairly new wife Sharon.

The first newspaper article (a few days after the Supreme Court decision 1/12/07) after it was obvious that Commission would be replacing the term limited Commissioners. Lambert is quoted as saying he will nominate Sharon Cawood. Not much time for Cawood and Lambert to study the candidates, not much time for a public process.

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  1. Scott Emge says:

    >Not much time for Cawood and Lambert to study the candidates, not much time for a public process<
    Almost as if it had all been worked out in advance. Strange.