Washington, DC Hasn’t Changed Much Since 1935, the Politicians NOW Act Like the Fish in the Potomac

My friend Laura Walker Chambers and her family have been sorting through some political archives of her family, her Uncle Billy J. Walker Knox County commissioner for 18 years and Bill Schaad, a former member of the old Knox County Court 1976-1982 (the precursor to Knox County Commission)

A clipping from the Thursday May 30, 1935 has two stories, one story titled

Judge Saw Capital From Potomac Bank And the Fish Ate All His Bait Without Actually Biting Once, Carlock Says.

“Did you have a fine time on your visit to Washington?” attorneys are asking Judge L.H. Carlock at the Court House.

“The Government has made a wonderful city out of it, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, I did have a fine time.” Judge Carlock answered one of them.

“I went out on my brother’s farm in Virginia with a can of worms and a hook, and I sat down on the bank of the Potomac River. They ate up all my works, but I didn’t catch a single fish.”


The Knoxville News-Sentinel Thursday May 30, 1935

That is Washington is for us today and in all my years of observation, all the political parties are taking our bait without us getting a single bite.

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