Frank Cagle Comes Clean

This morning on The Voice, Brian Hornback of Brian’s Blog asked Frank cagle if his endorsement of the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate had anything to do with his role in the failed Republican campaign for Governor four years ago.

Frank Cagle said The final straw could have been the hiring of Tom Ingram to the Corker campaign. Frank’s endorsement is a grudge for four years ago. Corker never had a fair opportunity, unless he had hired Cagle like Van Hilleary did four years ago. Did Metro Pulse editors and ownership know that this endorsement was the result of a personal grudge?

After Frank answered the question in the affirmative. One question would have to be. Did Frank take some less than intelligent pills, this morning?

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3 Responses

  1. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    Since no one else has posted a comment please allow me to ask a question.
    Mr. Cagle said that the hiring of Mr.Ingram was the last straw. Well, is this because Mr. Corker hired Mr. Ingram and not Mr. Cagle OR was the hiring of Mr. Ingram indicitive of some characteristic of Mr. Corker’s campaign that Mr. Cagle could just no longer abide with?


  2. SteveMule:

    Allow me to respond. First, no one has commented, because, NO ONE gives Cagle any credibility. I asked the question, believing I knew the answer. I had no idea that Cagle would acknowledge the personal grudge is the reason for the endorsement.

    I bet if Cagle were to tell his former boss, Van Hilleary what he was planning to do. The former Congressman would explode like Mt. St. Helen.

    Had Hilleary won the Governorship, Cagle for the past four years would have been a high ranking state employee and would not be subjected to asbestos dust in the Burwell Building.

    This endorsement isn’t about Ford be qualified. It is about Frank Cagle’s self promotion and a personal grudge.

  3. TheRep says:

    The prayer breakfast for Ford that costs $12.50 to pray at (I would pray that he looses) is Wed Oct 18 at 7:30-9:00 am at the Crown Plaza Hotel ,Summit Ballroom. I wonder if the next time Jr. is on Gene Patterson will he say “I cant help it.I love Jesus!…And you can too for 12.50!.