Kentucky Gets the Finger at the Conclusion of the first half

Tennessee looked good today, as Brian’s Blog watched the weather delayed game in the dry, near the kitchen, with family and a good round of friends as we consumed the PPV.

Now, Brian’s Blog is watching the Kentucky -v- Florida game.

Kentucky has just completed the first half of the Florida contest. Two seconds on the clock, the quarterback spikes the ball, one second is on the clock. However, the referee crew led by a former Tennessee player and current Knoxville resident decide they have more pressing matters to deal with.

Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks ran out and confronted the head referee as he is trying to get to the halftime destination and is left talking to the Line Judge. As the ESPN Commentators go to break, even they acknowledge the officiating crew acting like a PAC-10 crew officiating an Oregon -v- Oklahoma game as they say “In Lexington, Rich Brooks gets that call, but not in the swamp”

Refs should never determine the game. A good game is when you can’t blame the old guys in zebra suits.

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2 Responses

  1. smitbo7 says:

    That was close, but 2 seconds. Not sure how close that clock was to 1.9. In the grand scheme of the game that play meant nothing. UK could not hold of the Gator rush and give Woodson adequate time to throw.

  2. That post was left at the moment of the lack of professionalism. Yes, in the grand scheme it didn’t matter.

    However, my point remains. The best game is one where the old guys in zebra shirts don’t matter or are not determining the game.