Sheriff Tim Hutchison and Friends BBQ

UPDATE: The crowd this evening was at least double the size of the crowd from the pre-primary BBQ in April 2006. The energy level is extremely high for the Sheriff and all the other Republican candidates. I have been a volunteer/supporter of the Sheriff’s since his first race in 1990. The crowd and reaction to the Sheriff’s re-election is higher than any race before. Eight years ago the Sheriff was opposed by the City of Knoxville administration and its Assistant Police Chief Rudy Bradley, the motivated volunteers were as excited as this tonight. It is important to send a message and Vote for the Sheriff and the only ticket or ballot that has the neccesary Experience to govern the next term. The entire Republican ticket.

Our Republican Knox County Sheriff and a host of community leaders that include Knox County Republican Party Chairman Brian Hornback will have a BBQ to honor our Knox County Sheriff, tomorrow evening 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the I-75 Expo Center. The Expo Center is located at the intersection of Merchants Road and Clinton Highway. Come out and support the re-election of our Sheriff.

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