Correcting some misinformation in the local Media

There is a local media report out today that says that Mayor Mike Ragsdale is supporting a local Democrat candidate.

As Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party and a citizen journalist here at Brian’s Blog. Chairman Hornback said “The report is UNTRUE. Mayor Ragsdale has contributed more than $1,000.00 to the KnoxGOP campaign. The KnoxGOP campaign supports every Republican on the Knox County General Election ballot.” Hornback further stated “Every countywide Republican was made aware of the campaign and everyone voluntarily participated. The campaign benefits every Republican County Commission candidate.” Hornback concluded by saying “The Knox County Republican party is Unified, Dedicated and in support of electing every Republican.”

This media report has a hidden agenda and is a story to sell papers, however it is a report from a media source that can only attempt to give it away. It would appear that this reporter may have taken some less than intelligent pills.

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