Knox County Commission is Set to Create a NEW Tax That Can Generate $1 Million in New Money for the Government

Tomorrow the Knox County Commission has this Resolution on the Agenda for the June meeting. If passed it will create a Mineral Services “Fee” aka Tax. Commissioner John Schoonmaker calls it a fee, because he doesn’t want to call it a tax. With 11 members on Commission, 9 of them Republicans. They do not want to be accused of creating a tax. Anytime the government takes money from people or businesses it is a tax, in my humble opinion, feel free to make it your own.

Of course one of the reasons, Schoonmaker wants to do it is because all the other counties around us do it here and because the State of Tennessee allows it, here.

Surely, Conservative Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs will veto this if it passes. Who wants to be on record as a Commissioner or Mayor of imposing a new tax?

Commissioner Kyle Ward was the only Commissioner to Vote NO in the Work Session

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