Top 10 Reasons Katherine Harris Will Beat Bill Nelson

Fresh from the Katherine Harris website, are the 10 reasons why Katherine Harris will beat Bill Nelson. I provide it here for you liberals and naysayers that think Harris can’t and won’t win. We will see you in November.

1. Katherine Harris has the interest of Floridians at heart. She isn’t afraid of taking on the “beltway boys,” the liberal media or her General Election opponent who shares the values of Washington, DC’s “liberal-elite.”

2. Katherine Harris shares the values of most Floridians, her liberal opponent does not.

3. Katherine Harris has a proven record of accomplishment fighting for taxpayer relief, immigration reform, and standing up for senior citizens.

4. Katherine Harris is tested by fire. She has a strong backbone and will not back down in the face of adversity.

5. Katherine Harris has the grassroots support of Florida voters, high name ID, and Florida is a “red state” that supports Republican candidates.

6. Katherine Harris has a “can do” attitude. Her liberal General Election opponent has a “do nothing” attitude. For example, he says a comprehensive immigration reform bill isn’t likely to pass the Senate this year. Katherine Harris has already voted in favor of an immigration reform bill and believes our U.S. Senator should fight for important legislation as opposed to shrugging it off and saying it can’t be done.

7. Katherine Harris is a strong proponent of 2nd Amendment Rights. She has an “A” rating from the N.R.A. While her liberal General Election opponent likes to call himself a sportsman when he’s talking to voters, back in D.C. liberal Bill Nelson gets an “F” rating from the N.R.A.

8. Katherine Harris has fought to reduce taxes, and cut waste, fraud, and abuse. She has signed the American’s for Tax Reform “no new taxes” pledge. Her liberal General Election opponent never met a tax he didn’t hike and refuses to sign the no new tax pledge.

9. Katherine Harris has never lost an election – ever. And she has defeated two incumbents and two statewide elections.

10. Katherine Harris has common-sense Florida values. Bill Nelson has Washington values led by Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton. In fact, Bill Nelson has been rated as more liberal than Hillary Clinton by the non-partisan National Journal.

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