Have YOU Looked? Have YOU Noticed? Glenn Jacobs Thanks YOU and #TheMegaBullhornofTruth Has the Knox County Mayor’s Back

Last Friday August 5, 2022 a THANK YOU ad from Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs appeared as high on BrianHornback.Com as possible. My appreciation for Glenn Jacobs (the man, not the fictional character he was on WWE) began in July 2017, when his campaign manager at the time Bryan Hair contacted me and began advertising the Jacob’s campaign for a May 1, 2018 Primary (which he won by 23 votes) and the August 2, 2018 General Election which he won as BIG as he stands.

In November 2021, while I was recuperating from a surgery (I was on a minimal medical leave from my real job, which very, very few people knew even NOW) texted and said I want to be on BrianHornback.com from now until August 2022, he and I did that. Before Thursday’s August 4th General Election, his campaign manager Rex contacted me about a Thank You ad, which I still have not gotten use to marketing to candidates yet, BUT HERE the Mayor is THANKING YOU for his victory.

While some media will talk about the size of the Mayor’s (and maybe the Republican Party’s) victory from 2018 to 2022 for Jacobs, realize this, a bunch of people from other places have fled where they were and relocated here, they do not know what we were 48 months ago or where we are headed in the next 48 months.

Former Knox County Commissioner Frank Leuthold told me back in the late 1990’s, Knox County’s Fifth District voters move in and out of the Southwest Knox County so often that you just run as a candidate, they do not know you.

One of my four primary political mentors former Knox County Property Assessor Park M. (Parkey) Strader and he was MY former State Representative of TN State House District 14 told me to always use VOTE or ELECT because it is an actionable word. There are a segment of voters that will ALWAYS vote against RE-ELECT cause they wanna throw the bum out. My other three primary political mentors are former State Rep. Loy Smith, former Knox County School Board Member Ron McPherson, (do not use “fear” cause there ain’t no fear in McPherson) and former State Rep. Jimmy Kyle Davis.

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