In 2000, Brian’s Blog supported?

Thanks to Jake Mabe over at Musings from Mabe, I can’t do this for 1988. In his guess, he identified that I supported Bob Dole in the ’88 primary. In 1984, I turned 18 in August, so my first vote was in November 1984 and I worked at the cabin headquarters on Bearden Hill (now Kimballs Jewelers) and voted with the rest of the United States in re-electing Reagan/Bush. Mondale only won his home state. Reagan captured all the other 49 states.

O.K, If you’re up for another one, here are the Republican candidates for President in 2000. You can guess/vote on who you think I supported in 2000.

Lamar Alexander
Gary Bauer
George W. Bush
Elizabeth Dole
Steve Forbes
John Kasich
Orrin Hatch
Alan Keyes
John McCain
John McGarth
Dan Quayle
John Schriner (write-in)
Chuck See
Robert C. Smith
James Zanon

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6 Responses

  1. Vice-President Dan Quayle

  2. cbt006 says:

    Alan Keyes?

  3. Congressman Bob Smith – You have him listed as Robert C. Smith. Why?

  4. Steve Forbes

    Dan Quayle

  5. Dave Oatney says:

    I’ll guess you supported W.