Builders, Developers, Realtors and Attorneys Take Note From Last Nights Knox County Commission Meeting

During the Knox County Commission meetings land use portion, a new way of doing developments happened. Mr. Randy Guignard had a development off Tazewell Pike. He spoke and talked about his proposed development and then a lady from Gibbs Planning Advocates spoke.

Normally this is a confrontational back and forth. However, Gibbs Planning Alliance supported Guignard’s development. Because he immediately returned their call and they worked through his plan.

After it was approved Commissioners Gina Oster (a Realtor) and Commissioner Kim Frazier praised Guignard for his approach.

On other items after Guignard’s passed (which Guignard represented himself) Knoxville Attorney Ben Mullins representing Turner Homes began on emphasizing how Turner Homes had worked with the community.

That is how you do it, see how it works for Guignard and replicate it.

Developer Randy Guignard at Commission
Community activist with Gibbs Planning Alliance

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