What Was Up With Rep. Elaine’s Early Voting Bill?

A few weeks ago, Rep. Elaine Davis was sworn in and began serving as a State Representative for part of Knox County (South and West Knox) Normally a first time Representative will not make a big splash in their first term, (2 years). NOT Davis.

Davis went straight to the high dive board and attempted an olympic dive. On January 31, 2023 she became House sponsor to HB 1099 along with Senate companion bill sponsored by Sen. Janice Bowling. The bill is reported to have eliminated Early Voting.

WBIR was paying attention because on February 6 and 7, they tried to get Davis on the phone while reporting her great legislative introduction. By, February 7, she withdrew the sponsorship from the bill.

WBIR has this quote attributed to Davis, “Fair, secure and accessible elections are the foundation of our democracy. Preserving the integrity of our most important civic duty is something I take very seriously. This bill in its current form does not represent my intention, which has always been to protect the right to vote as well as the integrity of our elections. For that reason, I will withdraw the bill from consideration in the House. Tennessee elections are among the most secure and accessible in the nation. I will always strive to encourage greater voter participation and support legislation that strengthens election integrity.” BUT, what changed from when Davis first read the bill to become the House sponsor in late January and her withdrawal on February 7? Other than WBIR reporting it?

Tennessee does have best and most secure elections due in YUGE part to our TN Secretary of State Tre Hargett, our State Election Administrator Mark Goins and all (every single) Election Commissioner and Administrators in every county of our State of Tennessee.

Davis legislation was a slap in the face to every single person that is in the work of elections in TN. Let’s hope Davis does better going forward in her term of office.

TN State House District 18 Elaine Davis1

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