Commission Fails to Force Sheriff to Publicly Appear?

First District Knox County Commissioner Dr. Dasha Lundy had an actionable item (subpoena) for Knox Sheriff Tom Spangler and the officers involved in the McAlister’s Deli incident to come give an account of what happened on the agenda for tonights Knox County Commission Work Session.

The 15 year old Aniya Thompson did give an account of what happened from her perspective at a previous County Commission meeting, she was present again today.

Dr. Lundy read from her Knox County cellphone what the Sheriff texted after Commissioner Lundy had asked after the incident. She read the text we need to let it go along with a request to meet. Dr. Lundy suggested the Commission could subpoena her county phone.

On a vote of 2 in favor and 9 in opposition to issuing subpoenas, it failed. A vote that could be described as a party line vote. The two Democrats voting yes and the nine Republicans voting no.

Back here on March 30, 2022 I reported that Knox County Law Director Attorney Myers Morton told Steve Williams of Fox Lake, GP in an attempt to sue the Knox County Sheriffs Office when an Officer pushed a car into an apartment leasing office building, resulting in property damage, Morton said “you can’t sue the King”

Commission work session 11/8/2021

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