When Carson Daley is Publicly Upset with Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, What is Daley’s Bias, Sexism, Partisanship or Both?

Last Monday March 20, 2023 at the Knox County Commission Work Session, Carson Daley expressed his upsetness with Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs with appointment(s) to an ambulance oversight committee. It seemed he is upset that Madam Chair Courtney Durrett is the Commission appointee selected by the Mayor.

On September 1, 2022 Commissioner Richie Beeler joined with the four Republican lady Commissioners and two Democrat lady Commissioners to select Durrett as this years Chair. Dailey says it isn’t that he was not selected, although he goes on to expound on his service on the fire and technical committee. So, since he says that is not it, let’s rule that one out.

Is it because Madam Chair is a Democrat? Could Daley have asked Commissioner Rhonda Lee during a portion of the meeting as they were just standing around, do you want a Democrat to be on that committee?

Is it because Madam Chair is a lady? When you watch Daley, he is more terse toward the female members that make up the majority of the Commission. He has been short with Kim Frazier at Large Commissioner Seat 11 when she points out how many miles of road the county is taking responsbility for when approving roads. Would Daley have objected had John Schoonmaker, Kyle Ward, Beeler, the at Large Seat 10 or Daley had been tapped by Jacobs?

Daley mentioned in the work session what he was told by Knox County Law Director David Buuck about the Mayor’s appointments, but then Senior Deputy Law Director Mike Moyers kinda gives a loophole. So what will happen tomorrow March 27 at the Commission meeting on the Mayor’s appointees, I will be watching and report back to you.

In my humble opinion, if the Mayor were to select anyone other than Durrett, County Commissioner Dr. Dasha Lundy would be the next logical choice. She has Doctorate in a health related field and has worked in her career with many individuals that have had to be transported by ambulance.

In politics, reason and logic doesn’t always happen, especially in the local river city. Watch Daley’s comments, questions from the Work Session here that includes his declaration that the Mayor could body slam him.

Commissioner Carson Daley file photo

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