BrianHornbackdotcom Work is Part of a Story in The Guardian

One of the videos I recorded at this month’s West Knox Republican Club and was part of this post. That meeting, I almost did not attend because it had been a long day. I had found out a friend had died, now as a result of murder. But, I told myself it was necessary because of what has happened in the legislature this year with the issue of abortion.

Today, I received a message that the video is linked in this article on The Guardian. I am honored that my work can be used in anyway possible.

Remember, this is my hobby aka my addiction, I’ve done this for 18 years so far, it is not my full time job. I am blessed to have a few advertisers, I do not have a pay wall, do not have subscriptions. So, if you’d like to help, there are links here where you can support the work that is my passion.

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