City of Knoxville Elections have Started

City of Knoxville is having an election. At yesterday’s meeting (June) of the Motley Crew Community Luncheon, five candidates were represented. I did not expect Ernie Roberts, Treasurer for Jeff Talman, candidate for Knoxville Mayor to mention the campaign so I failed to get his recorded message.

Knoxville Councilwoman Lynne Fugate, here

Knoxville Councilwoman Amelia Parker, here

Knoxville Municipal Judge John Rosson, here

Constance Every, Candidate Knoxville Mayor, here

Tim Hill, candidate for Knoxville City Council at Large Seat C is advertising on this site, a candidate has told me they will be on July and August.

Everyone gets coverage, advertising has its benefits. Of course there a couple folks (in the past) that try intimidating candidates NOT to advertise on this site.

Trustee Justin Biggs was outspent in 2018 and won very convincingly when he was elected Commissioner at Large. Also, Kim Frazier was outspent in 2022 and won well. Biggs and Frazier are two of many successful candidates on the site.

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