Third District School Board Candidates Square Off Tonight!

Tonight the Knox County Council PTA along with the Cedar Bluff Elementary PTA hosted a candidate forum for the three candidates for the Third District Knox County School Board position. A Shock And Awe team member and I both worked the event. The team member stayed and provided the content from the debate and I took pictures just before leaving to go and support my son who was playing basketball tonight.

Cindy Buttry
the current School Board Member is not seeking re-election. Buttry has served two terms and she is in part honoring the Knox County voters intent in 1994 when they approved term limits.

One of the issues discussed was technology. Candidate Doug Harris talked about the potential use of ipads in the classroom. Candidate Gina Oster was quick to point out that the Third District Middle School, Bearden Middle School lacks the WiFi capability that was supposed to be installed three years ago. That Karns High School still lacks a dozen smart boards. So, while ipads and new technology may be nice. Knox County needs to get the infrastructure installed first.

The set up for the three candidates inside the Cedar Bluff Elementary School Gym. 
Candidate Doug Harris introduced a lady that he had asked for advice before the debate. The lady told Harris to smile a lot and don’t choke on your story. 
Candidate Doug Harris and his wife Carla were the first to arrive.  Mr. and Mrs. Harris confer with the Harris campaign treasurer, Mr. Jim Thompson. 

Candidate Bobby Edington when asked about the quality of cafeteria and it’s food responded, well eat it or starve. That was likely his straight talking military background coming out. 

Candidate Bobby Edington preparing for the debate to begin. 
Candidate Gina Oster at one point said, well again Doug and I agree on that I guess we need to just join hands and sing kumbaya.

Although, before the night was over, the major disagreement between Harris and Oster is that he supports Charter Schools and she does not. She views Charter Schools as taking money out of the local schools. 

Candidate Gina Oster  arrives at the Cedar Bluff Elementary Gym for the debate. 

Current Third District School Board Member Cindy Buttry arrives to watch the debate between  the three people  that desire to replace her. 

The crowd just before the debate began. 

The Oster Men: Stanton, Alexander and Matthew are present to support their mom in her run for Third District School Board. Gina’s husband Stanton was also present. I just did not take a picture of him.

The one thing that surprised me is that all three candidates in their closing remarks did not ask for the vote. They asked for support. But the rule in politics is that you may have someones support but not their vote. As a person wishing to be elected, you should always say “I ask for your vote”. That is an action item. All three candidates are new to the electoral process. So candidates this is my free advice to you. Always ask for the vote. 

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