Town of Farragut and the Scott Brothers / McFee Road Property Community Meeting

Last night, the Town of Farragut held a community meeting on the Scott Brothers / McFee Road property. In June the Town voted to enter into an intent to purchase and grant the Mayor authority to sign a contract. The second part, the Mayor’s authority to sign the contract was NOT on the published agenda. That is what intrigues me in this controversy.

Citizen Mike Mitchell asked the question, Town Attorney Tom Hale did not use a microphone so his volume is low. The Attorney is approaching this as a business deal, but its a government deal. Watch Mitchell and Hale here.

Let’s remember Knox Schools and Knox County Government entered into a contract August 2022, only to walk away in January 2023. Now August 2023 the Town of Farragut wants it. Why is it that in this land/development environment, this property is only attractive to governments and no one else?

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