Zachary as a Uniter? What About the Speaker and Zachary’s Pledge to Vote for Speaker Sexton on Every Ballot?

Last Thursday September 21, 2023 State Rep. Jason Zachary spoke at the Powell Republican Club, only 25 miles outside his legislative district. It was billed as a repeat of his Unity talk at an AFP dinner in Knoxville on August 31. During the speech, Zachary mentioned Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, Congressman Mark Green and two or three others running for Governor in 2026. Of the names Jacobs, Green the other name that has been discussed is TN Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton. The same Speaker that has appointed Zachary as Chair of the House Calendar and Rules Committee, since the Speaker has been Speaker.

On the day that the TN State House adjourned the Extraordinary Special Session, progressive, liberal media the TN Holler was filming Republican Leader William Lamberth, Rep. Rusty Grills and Zachary. Lamberth being the leader didn’t respond to Justin Kanew as he walked to his office. Grills and Zachary just couldn’t control themselves. In responding to Kanew’s question to Zachary about the Speaker “would you have voted for him?” Zachary said, “I’ll vote for him every time he’s on the ballot”Zachary went on to say about the Speaker “He has done a phenomenal job”. I agree with Zachary on Speaker Sexton. However, by September 21 Zachary is not including the Speaker on the ballot, without the Speaker announcing what his intention is in 2026.

It is no secret that Zachary has an aggressive appetite of political aspirations, his name is continually floated as one of a half dozen likely to be on the ballot in 2026 for Knox County Mayor replacing Jacobs.

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