Judge Samuel Alito

President Bush nominated Judge Samuel Alito as his nominee to fill the vacant position of the retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Judge Alito is an experienced jurist, that many believe will serve our country and the Supreme Court well.

Here are a few comments that are printed in today’s News-Sentinel from an interview that I had yesterday with Washington Bureau Chief Richard Powelson.

Knox County’s GOP chairman, Brian Hornback, said of Alito’s selection: “I think it will help Bush to solidify himself within the conservative movement, but it’s still unclear as to what’s going to happen with the more moderate base of the party.”

Alito could help conservatives address unfavorable federal abortion laws, Hornback said, but he has heard local party members giving higher priority to lowering taxes, homeland security and the safety of U.S. troops in Iraq.

In the interview I went on to say that President Bush was elected with the overwhelming support of a majority of this country’s voters in November 2004. I believe that he has the mandate necessary and should not be concerned with whether Alito is Too Right. Clinton was not concerned with the conservative movement while he was President. Bush has lived up to the billing of being a “uniter not a divider.”

I support our President and know that in examining the nominees, he has determined that Judge Alito is the right choice. It is important for the liberal democrats to keep their word that they will NOT filibuster this or any future confirmation. We will have to wait and see if the democrats can keep their word.

Progress For America has the Judge Alito website up and you can sign an online petition in support of Judge Alito.

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