Texas Prop 2 Q & A

Okay, so what if kids need both mother-love and father-love? Are you suggesting that single moms, widows and fatherless children are somehow inferior?

Of course not. A loving and compassionate society will always come to the aid of motherless and fatherless families, but a loving and compassionate society will never deliberately create them.
If you ask any single parent whether their situation is ideal for their children, they will inevitably say “No.” That doesn’t mean they’re not good parents, it just means that their circumstances are not close to being ideal.

Many single parents are single through no fault of their own. Their spouse either left them, died, or abused them. These are far from ideal situations, and single parenthood is an unfortunate reality—not a celebrated ideal—for them. Society should come to the aid of these families out of love and compassion.

But same-sex marriage advocates aren’t asking us to respond to unfortunate circumstances, they are asking us to create them. They are asking us to affirm that intentionally denying children either a father or a mother is ideal. This simply isn’t the case.

Children from single parent households are at a distinct disadvantage despite their parent’s best efforts. Children from same-sex households are at a distinct disadvantage because of their parents’ deliberate choices. We should tolerate the former as a fact of life, but steer clear of the latter as an avoidable harm.

For the same reason we actively discourage out-of-wedlock pregnancies, we should actively discourage same-sex marriages. Neither provides the ideal environment for raising children, and neither can possibly benefit society and individuals the way that marriage can. Every same-sex household will, by definition, intentionally deny a child either a mom or a dad.

Isn’t the same-sex marriage issue simplY a question of justice?

Yes. It’s all about justice. A compassionate and just society will address and remedy true injustice, but not by committing an even graver one by intentionally denying justice to our most vulnerable citizens: children.

One must remember that injustice is characterized by the powerful taking advantage of those who are powerless and vulnerable. And that’s precisely what’s at stake in the fight over marriage. A powerful lobbying group is seeking to deny children their natural right to be raised by a married mom and dad. The injustice of this radical proposal is readily seen in the reams of data which demonstrate that kids being raised without both a mom and a dad are much more likely to experience all kinds of suffering.

Now, one might argue that there are already millions of children who are being raised without both a mom and a dad and that these unfortunate circumstances were wrought by heterosexuals failing to live up to their commitments. That is true. But (as stated here) those are failed attempts at the ideal. Same-sex marriage advocates are asking us to intentionally create these unfortunate circumstances at the outset of a child’s life.

Again, a just society will never intentionally put children at such high risk. Does proposition 2 outlaw common law marriage?

No. This is a false argument. The Texas Attorney General specifically said Proposition 2 has NO EFFECT on common law marriage. Proposition 2 merely limits marriage to one man and one woman. Common law marriage is marriage between one man and one woman. Thus Proposition 2 does not effect it.

Isn’t limiting marriage to one man and one woman discriminatory?

No. The state encourages marriage more than any other relationship for very selfish reasons. It produces life (future citizens), unites the sexes, and provides every child with a mom and a dad. Same-sex “marriage” says that either the father or the mother is not needed. That is a lie. No compassionate society would ever intentionally create fatherlessness or motherlessness.

Additionally, if marriage is redefined, what is the new definition? Love? Commitment?

Then marriage could be polygamy or even be five people in love.

Does Proposition 2 prevent same-sex couples from hospital visitation and private contracts?

No. A specific legislative finding states that hospital visitation and the right to privately contract is not affected.

Why is marriage important?

Marriage is the foundation of any society. It is unique and based upon the complimentary nature of the sexes and provides the best relationship and environment for the raising of children.

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