Local Lore Knoxville 2024 #5 Bearden (Knollwood) May 19, 2024

The Fifth Local Lore Knoxville 2024 was in Bearden, just outside the construction fences of Knollwood, the large house currently under renovation at 150 Major Reynolds Place on top of Bearden Hill

As always Jennifer Montgomery brought the historical facts of the Knollwood home.

part one is here

part two is here

part three is here

part four is here

also as part of the start, we looked at a Certified TN Smart Yard that is behind the Wallace Real Estate Bearden office at 140 Major Reynolds Place in Knoxville. If you are interested in a Certified TN Smart Yard, contact Jennifer Montgomery here.

Certified TN Smart Yard behind Wallace Real Estate Bearden, here.

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