Is The Story on Haslam and the Strawberry Plains Pellissippi State Campus Gaining Legs? Will Johnson be the Crusader?

On Sunday the Tennessean had this long detailed investigative researched story concerning a couple of Knoxville businessmen and Governor Haslam and members of his family. On Monday, the Knox News Sentinel had a redirect to the Tennessean story here.

Now, the TN Democrat Party led by it’s Chairman Chip Forrester in using the bully pulpit of the minority party status to request an investigation into the affair linking it to Governor Haslam and his family. Reported here in the Tennessean. The question is will Democrat State Representative Elect Gloria Johnson be the bulldog on the heels of Knoxville businessmen Sam Furrow, Raja Jubran, Mr. Jim Haslam and Mr. Jimmy Haslam.

Johnson was the candidate during the election that professed her commitment to public education. Now she is  handed this item from her mentor Forrester where the state is spending $10 million for a building that cost $5 million five years earlier.

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3 Responses

  1. The Shadow says:

    Johnson won Sequoyah Hills. By one vote, but won it nevertheless. She knows which side her bread is buttered.

  2. Deathstar Vader says:

    Gloria Johnson will make Barack Obama look like Narry Goldwater. And who do we have to thank for Gloria’s victory? Knox GOP Chairman Ray Jenkins. Attaboy, Ray!

  3. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    This story should have legs and the Tennessean has their grip on this story while the KNS sticks its head in the sand, so as not to offend its largest purchase of Friday newsprint.

    Ironcially, the Haslam loan on the Furrow Nantucket property remains unpaid and it sits as a third lien, behind two highly reworked and modified loans from SunTrust. Having driven by the property this Fall, it looks like the whole house is about to fall into the Atlantic, creating obvious collateral concerns for all involved.

    Ramblin Bob Talbott sold his home on Nantucket last summer, selling for $2.4 million on property purchased four years earlier for $2.95 million. KNS quietly ignored his run from town to the greener pastures of Nashville, while leaving a number of people here and in other places holding the bag.

    Gloria Johnson is essentially a toothless tigress to do anything about this story, there is not a crusade in the legislature she can be capable of leading and the only component of the political establishment which can address the Haslam loan and the accompanying winks and nods is the Tennessean along with their political sources as they have an abundance of experience and the journalistic talent and integrity to stay on the trail day in and day out. Meanwhile, the KNS is publishing copies of checks received from a seperated spouse and the trustee’s office that nobody trusts continues to wither and die on the vine.