The Education Governor?

When State Senator Stacey Campfield blogs and makes an error, you can expect to read about it in the weekly free newsprint papers and maybe even in Georgiana Vines column. I get a few anonymous comments about errors on my blog, but it isn’t hard to track down the identities of those “anonymous commenters”. However, it is fair game and part of putting yourself out there as a blogger.

How about when you are the Governor of Tennessee and you have made education your issue. You want vouchers, you want accountability. But when you have an event about the future of education and a former Governor of Florida joins you. And you post this on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.




Many people took him to task for his “Jeb Bush & me” posting. It reminds me of when Vice President Dan Quayle erred on the spelling of Potato. But you can beat that the Knoxville media will not mock the Governor as they do Campfield. They will support Haslam’s efforts to privatize the public schools.

I like the response of Knox County Community Activist Walt Wojnar to Haslam. “Jeb Bush & I, it is a school thing”! What is interesting is the 54 people that liked his posting of “Jeb Bush and me”.

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2 Responses

  1. Worried in Roane says:

    Twitter accounts for the “text talk”. Grammar, I’m thinking our Gov is right. Score4Schools is the subject and invited “me” not “I”. In the dark ages when I was in grammar school, we were taught to drop the other person in the phrase and if “I” or
    “me” was correct for one, it was correct when for both of the object (in this case Gov. Haslam and Gov. Bush)

  2. The Shadow says:

    What’s even more disturbing with Haslam was the appointment of Kevin Huffman, who had little or no educational experience, other than starting another educational gimmick known as Teach America.

    Haslam’s trying to position himself for 2016, that’s what school vouchers are about. He’s trying to prove he’s really a conservative, which he isn’t.