Enjoy Whatever Genre of Music You Like, Don’t Judge Others

If you were able to see my music collection you would find every kind of music. Classic Rock, Pop, Rap, Southern Gospel, Southern Rock, Contemporary Christian, Show tunes, literally all kinds.

One of my pet peeves is that when Country Music fans argue over old country and new country. I was and still am a fan of George Jones, Alabama, Don Williams, Loretta Lynn etc. However, I also enjoy Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Gary Allen, Blake Shelton and all the modern day folks.

What’s weird is rarely do you find the fans of the modern country music fans criticizing the old country music loyalists. But the die hard old country loyalist like to trash the new guys.

So, Blake Shelton is interviewed for a GAC TV Special “Backstory” and the clip they selected among all the others was misconstrued by the old country music loyalists as Blake trashing old country. That is not what he did. Have you watched him on “The Voice”? He respects all genres of music and works with every type.

If you don’t like the ones I listen to then fine. Walk away when I am listening to it. Just quit being haters!

Here is the story that was on the Tennessean website about the controversy.

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2 Responses

  1. The Shadow says:

    You know, when I read this I thought, Ray Price who did “The Streak?” Lol. Nashville should be thankful for the young bucks.

    If it wasn’t for them Nashville tourism would be based on bus tours for northern senior citizens.

    We all want to think the times we live in, and the way we do things are exceptional.

    As John Cougar Mellencamp sung, “Oh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of livin’ is gone.”

  2. The Shadow says:

    To add to your post:


    Country music should just be thankkful talent want themselves categorized as “country music singers.”