Senator Campfield, Really?

So Senator Stacey Campfield has presented a bill #132 in the TN Senate that will take away, reduce the amount of monetary support for food and or government assistance if the children fail to maintain attendance and satisfactory grades. Can we make it any harder on kids that are already having a tough time? I don’t think so. It is kids that probably are not getting the proper nutrition that will make them sharper anyway. Now, the parents are going to be putting pressure on a first grader to perform better? Come on Senator Campfield. Pull this bill, now. As for the State House. I hope there isn’t a house member that will sponsor it. It may be difficult since his protege is no longer in the house. You remember 1TermHurley? She got rejected in the Republican Primary in August 2012. Read the post from the tnreport here about this nonsensical bill.

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1 Response

  1. The Shadow says:

    While I usually don’t agree with the Senator, I do believe it’s time we began to focus on how to stop generational welfare.

    Working taxpayers have any number of responsibilities.

    I don’t think that if the bill ensures that a support system and outside help is available for the parents, that it, or some variation of it, is an entirely bad idea.

    With the Contract for America in the 1990s, there were various job expectations added to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

    The Senator’s idea doesn’t seem to be that great a departure from Rep. Gingrich’s ideas.