What We Have Here is…Pride, Greed, Failure to Remain Focused and Communicate

Here is a post by Mike Donila over at Screams From the Porch over at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill.

da Career Killa Donila has posted how the Knox Co School Board wants their name on the deed of school property and not Knox Co Government. Come on! Really? The School Board needs to worry about educating kids. PERIOD! As for who owns the buildings and property, it is the taxpayers. So here’s a solution, put every taxpayer (in good standing) on the deed. It is our money, our building. So get over yourselves, already.

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  1. The Shadow says:

    I’ve moved this, but basically it shows the ambitions of the leaders of the school board. They want to control it all.

    If the Indya commenter on the blog from the Dark Side is the current chair of the school board, she’s got some pretty liberal ideas:


    The next budget battle will be about power:

    Those who want their APPOINTED, liberal minded leaders to run Knox County, and those who believe Knox County’s leaders should be elected and representative of Knox Countians, not just one elitist sector of it.

    Yes, it’s that simple and not about “the children.”