The Next Thing You Know, He Will.

I received a lot of comments about my post on Senator Campfield and his bill to take away or reduce government assistance to families whose children are not academically successful in school.

Yesterday, I saw media reports stating that Campfield has adjusted another gay bill. This one will allow schools to report gay activity. As a former School Board Member that wasn’t into the money is the solution to public education and/or it’s all for the kids mantra. The last thing the public schools need is another report or collecting more useless data to report to some entity that is gonna drive fear into public education.

A good friend of mine predicted (in a half joking manner) the next thing you know Campfield will propose a bill that you can not receive unemployment benefits unless you have a job.

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1 Response

  1. The Shadow says:

    I feel the same way on this, but for different reasons. We have to imagine that Campfield does not believe in central control over more local control.

    Yet much of his legislation centralizes power in Nashville rather than Knoxville, Jefferson City, etc.

    Just like Obama wants to centralize power in Washington, Campfield seems to want to centralize it in Nashville, if it suits his wants and his special interests.