My State Representative is a Good Guy!

My State Representative is Republican Ryan Haynes. It seems that he was being a nice, kind dude the other day when he saw a billfold in the middle of Kingston Pike. He apparently stopped gathered up all that he saw laying in the road and flying around and ensured that it got returned to the rightful owner. That was a great deed.

The lady that had lost her billfold in her multi tasking to ensure her mother was taken care of was not only appreciative, she wrote this letter to the editor of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill telling the story.

Representative Haynes is one of the good ones and when the legislature is in session, he is casting votes as MY Representative.

When then Representative Tim Burchett (now Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett) wrote the “road kill” bill, I wonder if he considered cash and credit cards in the road as a finders keeper, losers weepers scenario? Just Kidding, Mayor.

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