Do Not Be Confused with Kuhlman’s Self Interest Ploy of Confusion by Multiplication

Last night at the Karns Republican Club much consternation, gnashing of teeth by a percentage of the attendees which were led by the Knox County Republican Chair. The party chair stated that the Republican Executive Committee at the February 2013 Reorganization Convention voted unanimously to have Elected Superintendent and partisan school board elections. I was reminded today that while Kuhlman (who is heavily influenced by the publisher of a weekly throw away newspaper, the same publisher that has editorialized on partisan school board elections) is advancing the agenda of her pal in a self serving manner by speaking to both issues as a mandate of the party.

In fact, the convention ONLY voted on election of School Superintendent. The motion was made by Treasurer Nick McBride right after Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett asked for a show of hands of those that support election of School Superintendent. No motion or vote was held for partisan school board elections.

While Kuhlman attempts to convince you NOT to look at the man behind the curtain. This blog will continue to be the check and balances and keeping the truth and self serving officials honest.

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